Spring 2023 Details

  • Tournaments
  • Skills Sessions
  • 3-v-3 Sessions
  • Weekly Team Practice
  • DEVELUP Uniform
  • Shooting Shirt
  • 17 Week Program

Each team is subject to change based on the age, grade, gender and ability level. Our DEVELUP administrative staff will ensure that all teams will be appropriately placed this Spring to provide the most rewarding experience for players and parents alike.

The following payment options listed below are now available to all DEVELUP players this Spring. As a reminder, upon choosing one of the payment options, other than PAID IN FULL, your card will be charged monthly, for the term chosen, on the same numerical date each month. Please be reminded that if your card is replaced or modified in any way, you can manually update your information on our app or contact our administrative team to ensure billing is handled in a timely manner.

Price Effective 1/29: $1,599


MONTHLY $799.50


MONTHLY $399.75

MONTHLY $319.80

DEVELUP Handbook 2023

Not ready to commit to a payment plan today? Secure a spot in our DEVELUP Team Program with a fully REFUNDABLE $100 Deposit. When you are ready to begin your payment plan, your deposit will be refunded by our administrative team.

Discounts for Small Group Training

ALL DEVELUP players who participate in Small Group Training will receive the following offers (March - June):

  • $5 OFF ANY Purchase of (1) Small Group Workout
  • $100 OFF ANY Purchase of a Package Payment of (10) Small Group Workouts

Advantages of the DEVELUP Team Program

  • Join a growing program that is on the rise with experienced trainers and coaches
  • Value oriented leaders who translate life skills into our teams and its respective players
  • Participate in a diversified program offer that contributes to players’ overall growth
  • Family culture that promotes integrity, loyalty, and a commitment to excellence
  • Promotion and further enhancement of skills integration into competitive play