"The basketball training that Rossetti Basketball provides is excellent. My son has been training at Rossetti Basketball for the past few months and I'm beginning to see the progression of basketball skills and confidence. I feel my son has become more aggressive because his confidence in applying skills has increased tremendously. Your philosophy, the way you go about your teaching is what sets you apart from other training organizations. Strong foundation, advanced skills, basketball intelligence, application in a competitive setting, among so many more. Keep up the exceptional training, if only my generation had this growing up!"

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Please note that we are currently transitioning into SMALL GROUP WORKOUTS at the moment. With the increased demand for training, we are contacting our clients to place players in ability based sessions by age and gender exclusively. 1:1 Private Training will be held on a VERY limited basis at this time. Text 631-910-7176 to be placed in a Small Group Workout.

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